“I came to know James while he was working with our culture team at Origami Owl. While he didn’t report directly to me, he often handled communications initiatives where design and branding were important, and therefore partnered with my team on the execution. He has a great understanding of the hierarchy of messaging that must go into a corporate communication and was able to leverage excellent writing skills with a sophisticated, and nuanced understanding of design. Often we didn’t need to do anything with them as he also has a background in graphic design. Add to these qualities that James is just an overall great person, and you have someone that you’ll love collaborating with.”

Tom Rascati, Creative Director, Origami Owl

“James is a gem, plain and simple. I had the pleasure of really getting to know James when I was Events Project Manager for Origami Owl, staffing our annual convention. I had placed James on my team to help with the logistics, prep, and live distribution of over 15 sets of giveaways during the main sessions to over 4500 attendees. If anyone has worked a convention behind the scenes they know the environment is fast-paced and stressful. Things go wrong, things change constantly. James is a go-getter that you can count on to be there to help in any situation, as long as you need him. I called him my “right arm”. I say this so you can understand that James has work ethic and heart like no other.

On top of that, James is an amazingly talented graphic designer and writer. I enjoyed collaborating with him on Recognition Program projects. He listens well, and comprehends the vision. He can work on multiple projects without losing sight of each, and he is mindful of deadlines. A true professional.”

Nicky Davis, Events Project Manager, Origami Owl

“James is a highly qualified graphic designer with experience in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and many other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. During his time at Provo College he was consistently listed on the President’s list and graduated with Highest Honors.

His creative intelligence and dedication to his work is among the best I have seen. He has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion. James is both a team player and a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of colleagues through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in himself and those around him.”

Gary Gardner, New Media Designer, Provo College

“I have the distinct privileged of knowing James Saunders as his educator and adviser. James always set himself apart from other students with an excellent attitude and enthusiasm to learn. Now that James has graduated I am certain he will excel in any endeavor he pursues. I am excited to see where he will go and highly recommend him.”

J.J. Goodwin, Multimedia Specialist, Provo College

“James is an outstanding employee who on a daily basis goes “above and beyond” in his work… and continuously exceeds the performance standards. James willingly accepts new assignments and offers to help wherever he can. James always remains steadfast in his cheerfulness, calmness, and dependability. James has demonstrated excellent managerial and decision making skills. He is attentive to tasks and works tirelessly to achieve the goals of the department. He is an extremely positive and dependable employee, and performs his duties in an extremely timely and conscientious manner.

James is an innovative self-starter, who rarely needs supervision. He is punctual and typically exceeds expectations. He handles pressure well, and will voluntarily work overtime and do what is needed to meet deadlines.”

Cory O’Bryant, Platinum Protection ,Logistics Department Manager